SANETEB Company  started its activities in 1989 by designing and producing different types of Vaseline gas in different sizes at the factory in Qazvin Takestan. In 1994, the company manufactures all kinds of surgical gas and simple wound dressing, cut, stretch and burn bands.Due to increased productivity and product line development, the company management decided to establish a new factory in the Caspian Industrial Town, adjacent to Qazvin-Tehran highway, by building a modern plant in accordance with GMP standards equipped with chemistry and microbiology laboratory, clean room. And the sterile site has gained a special reputation.The next project of Sane Teb Company was to launch a production line of disposable surgical packs and hospital clothes which reached production stage in 2008. All the products are manufactured and marketed by modern machinery of the world licensed by Switzerland, Spain, Taiwan, China and our beloved country Iran.Since the main goal of the company has been continuous and continuous quality research, development and growth, it has always tried to add new products, along with adhering to the standards required of its products. Planned projects This growth will continue.

The products of SANE TEB Company were produced and marketed in 4 stages
In the first phase, Vaseline gas with different types was produced in 1991.
In the second stage, simple and sterile surgical gas,then  2m and 3m wound bandages were produced in 1994 and presented to the consumption centers.
In the third stage, in 2001, all kinds of bandages and woven and laminated bandages were produced with world-class machines and high quality.
In the fourth phase of 2008, producing hospital disposable clothing including surgical packs (heart - orthopedic - nervous system - EN - General - women etc.) and surgeon,
patient's gown, cap, shoe cover, sheets, blouse and patient trousers. Etc. It starts with modern facilities and devices and is offered to consumers.

we only consider on the quality and the heyginic we believe in what we do and we care for our consumers.
Inspection of the quality of the products are  the factory main goal to ensure satisfaction of the end user of our produts
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